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Author, Public Speaker, Life Recovery Coach

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Welcome to my Page.  I escaped my religion of 40 years and embarked on a crazy ride of loneliness, sin, crazy thinking, great loss, seeking God’s face, studying countless religions from around the world and eventually – around 4 years later, I began to feel a sense that I was beginning to feel free and even happy – no – very happy! 

Now, 18 years from that point, I find that I am even more deeply free than ever before.  We are on a journey – and everything on this journey is important – the bad and the good and we are meant to experience both.  I’ve been finishing wood now for 42 years and am now embarking on the 2nd Phase of my life.  I have big dreams and big plans and hope you will take this road with me as I embark on it.  I’ve got some books to share with you as I have travelled on my journey so far and more are soon coming.  


I’ve got dreams of developing a Community/Event Center possibly called Living Water Community & Event Center – we’ll see.  Then plans are to build it as a very large and over-extended barn with a large conference room upstairs and decking all around the side, a fireplace and sitting area downstairs, an inspirational bookstore with a reading area where you can plop yourself down with a good cup of coffee and read books from my personal library.  There will be a large coffee bar that also serves soup, sweetbreads and other goodies.  Directly across from the Coffee Bar will be a stage where you can come and share your thoughts, song, poem, read to us, give a short talk, share your day, whatever you want to say for 8 minutes or less.  If you want you can get married here, or hold a conference here, learn, share, feel alive again here.  We’ll have movie night, life coaching of which I will be one along with my wife.  We’ll have some 12 Step meetings going on to help us learn and overcome and we’ll just get real!


Beyond that, I’m going to get my paint brush and isle out again and start painting again.  My wife is going to put her beautiful photography on the walls and I might add a few paintings – like maybe a barn or ocean picture – or finish my MonaLisa.  Maybe we’ll have some art classes and photography classes in this center – what do you think!  I’d like for us to start talking and sharing again and being good at our communication skills like we used to be!

My wife Angela just put out a new CD in January 2017 called – Inspirations of Christmas  and she’s got more CD’s coming up  that are just going touch your heart!  I’m hearing people singing her praises as she has the voice of an angel.  My wife Angela has released a new book called Awakening to Unconscious Resentment that she is going to want to break down and talk about with you all. 


What do you dream of doing?  Let’s get you fired up and inspired to start trying your hat at something new – maybe something you’ve thought about trying.  You can always at least say you did and then try something else if it doesn’t float your boat, so to speak!  Let’s be daring together.  Let’s inspire each other.  Let’s have some fun!   I haven’t told you everything, but this is a start.  Again, I hope you’ll join me on this journey and be a part of it with me!


Here we go!  Join me won’t you?

About my Books.  So far I’ve written 4 books:  "I, Witness:  The Shocking Insider’s Story of Jehovah’s Witnesses" (my inspirational journey out of my religion to surrender and then freedom); the next book:  "Surrender:  Your Key to the Kingdom Within" (this is the way I found freedom and in it I share with you how to follow your inner GPS and give you the keys to unlock your own freedom from limiting beliefs of all kinds that are robbing you of your happiness). The 3rd book is:  "Divine Order of Alchemy: The Ancient Secret to Union With God" (alchemy is the process of turning something that is crude – like base metals and turning it into something beautiful – like gold – like our lives!).  I share with you a journey – a spiritual journey through the tabernacle in the wilderness and all of the hidden meanings and manna that are in the story of the Israelites as they went through their journey and into the tabernacle (where growth and progress in your spiritual journey takes place).  It’s deep and it’s awesome!  If you are a spiritual seeker of God – you will NOT want to miss this masterpiece that I feel the Lord gave me.  And finally:  "Secret Brainwashing Techniques of Jehovah’s Witnesses:  5 Steps to Escaping the Web of JW Indoctrination".  This book is all about HOW to first understand and the Escape the JW Web.  It’s my hope that this book will inspire you to begin listening to your inner voice of discontent and to trust that still small voice (which we were never taught or allowed to do, but just the opposite) and take courage and continue the process of deprogramming with God’s help.  

My passion is helping people to get from feeling boxed in and even downright depressed to opening up to new ideas and willing to come out of their construct (box/matrix) and look at everything aknew!  I love the Prodigal son journey as it is told in the bible with the father so anxiously awaiting his son’s return with open arms and then quickly celebrating the union and putting a royal robe on him and giving him a ring with authority attached to it – the man having been fully restored.  I believe we are ALL on this journey and all on a different place in this journey.  I want to share my life journey and help you on yours.  I want to share with you the secrets that I have found in all of my searches on all of the journeys I have been on in hopes that you will find these treasures helpful to you and then share the ones you get with us as this is a never ending process of learning and growing – each and everyday.  We are all hear to share our gifts and talents and perspectives and to share them with others so that they can be uplifted and vise-versa.  I hope you will enjoy the books.  I’m stilling getting plenty of inspiration and I’ll be sharing more soon.  I hope you will too as you endeavor to walk this path with me on this journey called life.

In Your Service,


Dan Clark - Short Bio

Dan Clark is the father of 2 girls, the author of 4 Books and a Training Course. He is an informal scholar of religious psychology having carefully studied, countless faiths, religions philosophies, philosophers and books from all over the world including – Thomas Keating, Manly P. Hall, John Bradshaw, David R. Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman, Richard Rohr, Thomas Merton and many more.


Dan has been a guest speaker on Radio and T.V. and churches around the U.S.  He produces weekly Podcasts in a Program called, “Heart-to-Heart with Dan & Angela which is posted weekly on YouTube Channel:  Life After Religion and Facebook Page:  Life After Religion.  He lives with his wife Angela in Idaho.

Speaking Engagements (Portfolio):

  • Dan Clark has been a guest speaker on Radio, T.V. and Workshops Including:
    • Bulldog & The Rude Awakening Show, WOCM – FM98.1

    • Regional Conference on Cult Awareness in Colorado, Guest Speaker

    • Voice America – Authentic Living Show (1 Hour Show)

    • “X” Xone Radio – Ontario, Canada,

    • 3ABN – Celebrating Life in Recovery (1 Hour T.V. Show),

    • Mile High Church – Guest Speaker – Holmes Institute of Theology Podcast,

    • Adams County Detention Facility – Guest Speaker,

    • KJAG Radio,

    • Guest on Six Screens of the Watchtower – Telenetwork World News with Rick Fearon;

    • Heart Two Heart Radio Show on “X” Zone Broadcasting Network

    • Podcast – Oneness Workshop with Ron Lewis

Your Breakthrough Coach

Dan Believes You Have A Goldmine Of gifts and talents Inside of You. His unique approach Combines Intuitive Insites and fearless Honesty that Allows Him To Easily to cut through the noise to unearth your Unique Greatness.

I was trapped in the mental matrix of the Jehovah Witness Religion for 40 years before I found a new way of seeing and relating to the world. What I mean by that is that I did not really have the ability or know how to see another way of living outside of the black and white duality of my religion.  I know the pain, frustration and confusion that accompanies a soul trapped in such a limited perspective.

It has become my mission and passion to help people get from feeling boxed in and even downright depressed to opening up to new ideas; to become willing to come out of their construct (box/matrix); to become aware of the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and look at everything anew! You see, a lot of what we think and believe has some sort of artificial barrier that separates us from experiencing all that we were meant to be. Becoming aware of where you are, where you want to go and where to start are all great questions to wrestle with and I’m here to help you do that.


I am here to:

  • Hear You

  • Validate You

  • Act as a Mirror to Reflect Back What is in the Way With Non-Judgment

  • To Honor and Respect You as You are at This Moment Right Now

  • Gently Remind You Who You Are



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Angela Clark
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My Wife, Angela Clark 

Angela Clark is a mother of 3 children and 2 step-children, an inspired Recording Artist and a Women Empowerment Coach – Inspiring & Empowering Women to Get Their Voice – To Be More, Do More & Have More. She also has a passion for those who are struggling to thrive in life and seeks through education to lift them up – giving them the tools needed to be what they were meant to be. She taught Life Skills for 2 years and volunteers today working with inmates. She has enjoyed doing volunteer work throughout her life – with children and more recently with adult inmates. She completion her first book, Awakening From Unconscious Resentment:  Learning to Uncover the Hidden Saboteurs That Are Hindering Your Life & Relationships."  You’ll Learn How to Get in Touch with Yourself, Live and Love Like Never Before.  Having been through her on difficult challenges and struggles and then finding freedom, she is loving paying it forward. 

Read more about Angela Here

Speaking Engagements (Portfolio):

  • Angela Clark has been a guest speaker on Radio, T.V. and Workshops Including:

  • 3ABN – Celebrating Life in Recovery (1 Hour T.V. Show),

  • “X” Xone Radio – Ontario, Canada,

  • Mile High Church – Guest Speaker – Holmes Institute of Theology Live Class & Podcast,

  • Adams County Detention Facility

  • Guest on Six Screens of the Watchtower – Telenetwork World News with Rick Fearon;

  • Heart Two Heart Radio Show on “X” Zone Broadcasting Network

  • Podcast – Oneness Workshop with Ron Lewis

  • Ongoing Weekly Podcasts Program:  Heart-to-Heart with Dan & Angela and Posted to “Life

  • After Religion” YouTube Channel and Facebook Page

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